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I can't sleep tonight
There's some coal in me
That got set on fire,
Generating all of this electricity,
Zips from my gut to light the sparks in my brain
And it seems like the power's never gonna deplete

I can't sleep this week,
Started taking medicine to make my mind all better,
To pull all of my thoughts
From out under the weather
And my mind's inside now,
But it can't stop looking out

I can't sleep this month,
Too many fires,
Too many lights,
Stars dotting the American landscape
As bright as the sun
And I want to give kindling
To every single one,
But I have no idea
What I have left to burn,
And I can't sleep,
I can't sleep.

But I'm so goddamn tired,
I can't stand to stay awake to see
So many flames light up from
Slaughtered children and families,
Ground away alongside mercy and serenity
By the gears of this Nightmare American Dream Machine
But I can't sleep,
I can't sleep,
I've slept too many nights already.

But I can almost sleep
When I think of a friend I had who studied signs of the Zodiac
When we got drunk together,
And she read me my destiny
One night, a few years back

She sounded so excited for me
When she told me she had never seen
So many signs of fire
In someone before

And she told me
That I have the power to control things
For better or for worse

And I'm just now starting to see
What good that power can be.
There is so much fire in me,
I am one fire and many

I'm the fire in the woods where campers gather to tell their stories,
I'm the fire at the end of a fuse on a stick of dynamite under the police station,
I'm the fire in a bottle that fuels a revolution
I'm the fire in a trash can that serves hope in destitution
And I'll be the fire in your eyes.

This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine,
I'm gonna let this fire rise,
I'm gonna spread this fire around
And bring the whole goddamned world down
In flames.


from Punch Out, released July 5, 2017




Magic Hero Boise, Idaho

DIY pop music by Shay Primrose.

A queer shut-in who writes pop punk folk songs and makes them into whatever they want.

A dance enthusiast.

An avid emotionalist.

A friend of all animals.
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