Punch Out

by Magic Hero

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Another one.

Two old ones and two new ones that didn't make it on to the album.



released July 5, 2017

Written, recorded, and produced by Shay.




Magic Hero Boise, Idaho

DIY pop music by Shay Primrose.

A queer shut-in who writes pop punk folk songs and makes them into whatever they want.

A dance enthusiast.

An avid emotionalist.

A friend of all animals.
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Track Name: Trump
Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you...

All the way to Mars!
Fuck you all the way out of this country,
Shout it to the stars!
Off of every rooftop that you're disgusting,
An ugly piece of shit.
You're a fucking joke and you always have been,
Beating a dead horse now!
It's been about a year since we all stopped laughing.

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you...

Fuck you in the eyes!
Fuck you in the parts that don't even have holes!
The devil is despised,
But not as much as you, you fucking asshole!
Shout it to the skies!
Out of every T.V. in every home,
"Eat Donald Trump alive,
"Or at least get him away from the goddamn microphone."




I don't really know why,
Or even how we let this happen,
But I'm not too afraid
To cut down any asshole who defends him.
Donald Trump is vain.
A ringleader in his own horrific circus,
But we can all maintain
That he will never be the leader we need or deserve.

So throw Donald Trump away!
Ship him off on vacation and let him resign.
Give him free tickets to Spain!
Maybe the Running of the Bulls will gore him in time.
Just take all his power away.
The more that we give him, the worse it will be.
End his whole administration,
And just give us the same old shit show we have every 4 years so we can forget and breathe easy.

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you...

And goodbye.
Track Name: The 4th
My plans for the 4th are nothing.
How is it supposed to mean something
When people in the Land of the Free
Cannot drink their own goddamned water?
My plans for the 4th could be marching
Through the streets and screaming
'Til my voice is gone and my feet are bleeding,
Dreaming, dreaming, that everything we need

Is anywhere near our reach
Oh, how I want to believe,
I really want to believe,

But my plans for the 4th are nothing.
Is anything I can do really worth something?
I'm stricken numb by the horrors
Of the Home of the Brave
And I feel like a fucking coward,
Fading through every miserable hour,
Waiting on baited breath for a war
And singing songs

As if songs really have any power
Oh, how I want to believe,
I really want to believe,

But my plans for the 4th are nothing,
Every firework, every flag pin means nothing.
This is nothing more to me
Than the most depressing joke of the year.
My only plan for the 4th is work,
I'll stand listlessly behind a cash register
And try to ignore anyone who wishes me

Any sort of Happy Holiday
And let all the sorrow and rage
Sink right to the soles of my feet
And let it settle all the way.
Track Name: Yes All
Good morning, or at least it was
Until you fuckin' pedaled up
You smile seems so warm and practiced
You must think you're one of the good ones.
And you really believe yourself, huh?

The Good Cops who grab photo ops
With black boys and shit-eating grins,
Acting like they've wiped the blood off their badges,
Like they're scoring some sort of win,
And I don't quite want to think that's what this is, but...

Yes, all of you are bastards
Yes, all of you fucked up
When you pledged to place the public's safety
Under your cult's sense of justice

Yes, all of you can kiss my ass
If you think I'll smile and wave
When I see you coming down my street,
I'll go the other fucking way

I'm not sure if you've heard the sound
Of freedom weeping in the streets
But I still don't know what makes you think that
I'd like you to look or talk to me
With a gun at your hip and backup on your sleeve

I don't feel safe when you're around,
I don't have much I want to say,
At least, not in your presence, why can't you
Just vow to always stay
With the principles of the American Way,
You know, like minding your own goddamn business

Yes, all of you are bastards
Yes, your work is worth shit
You do not protect or serve me,
Not even a little bit, no

Yes, all of you will catch
My middle fingers when I see you
And I'll never talk to you,
And I will never want to be you


No, I don't want to waste my time
Acting friendly for your sake
I've got a life to live,
And you'd better have none to take

Anyway, have a good one,
As if I really care
Justice, peace, fuck the police
I hope that I don't see you anywhere
Track Name: Fires
I can't sleep tonight
There's some coal in me
That got set on fire,
Generating all of this electricity,
Zips from my gut to light the sparks in my brain
And it seems like the power's never gonna deplete

I can't sleep this week,
Started taking medicine to make my mind all better,
To pull all of my thoughts
From out under the weather
And my mind's inside now,
But it can't stop looking out

I can't sleep this month,
Too many fires,
Too many lights,
Stars dotting the American landscape
As bright as the sun
And I want to give kindling
To every single one,
But I have no idea
What I have left to burn,
And I can't sleep,
I can't sleep.

But I'm so goddamn tired,
I can't stand to stay awake to see
So many flames light up from
Slaughtered children and families,
Ground away alongside mercy and serenity
By the gears of this Nightmare American Dream Machine
But I can't sleep,
I can't sleep,
I've slept too many nights already.

But I can almost sleep
When I think of a friend I had who studied signs of the Zodiac
When we got drunk together,
And she read me my destiny
One night, a few years back

She sounded so excited for me
When she told me she had never seen
So many signs of fire
In someone before

And she told me
That I have the power to control things
For better or for worse

And I'm just now starting to see
What good that power can be.
There is so much fire in me,
I am one fire and many

I'm the fire in the woods where campers gather to tell their stories,
I'm the fire at the end of a fuse on a stick of dynamite under the police station,
I'm the fire in a bottle that fuels a revolution
I'm the fire in a trash can that serves hope in destitution
And I'll be the fire in your eyes.

This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine,
I'm gonna let this fire rise,
I'm gonna spread this fire around
And bring the whole goddamned world down
In flames.