Singles, Vol. 2

by Magic Hero

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released January 3, 2017

All songs written, produced, and performed by Shay Primrose.




Magic Hero Boise, Idaho

DIY pop music by Shay Primrose.

A queer shut-in who writes pop punk folk songs and makes them into whatever they want.

A dance enthusiast.

An avid emotionalist.

A friend of all animals.
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Track Name: Venice
We set out from the dock at St. Marco's Square
The day before, we had toured everything there
This day, we had time to go anywhere
The islands were ours to explore

And the islands were as hot as hell's brightest beach
And we could only go as far as our legs could reach
And there was nowhere to sit and rest our feet
But we were in fucking Venice!

So excited to weave through the crowded streets!
Some set out to shop, some set out to eat,
But I didn't have money for either,
So I set out to roam

And they all split up as they wanted to
Some of them paired up, but most split into groups
And they all set out from the square
And left me on my own

So I went back the way we came
To find the place where Vivaldi played
I went up to enter it and found that I had to pay,
So I turned around and I left

And from there, I wandered back to through the Square in defeat,
Then through streets filled with brands for filthy rich teens
Past the 40th church I had seen that week,
Where I found a sight to stop my breath

It was the biggest bridge in the whole damn town!
I sauntered across it and looked around
A free museum,
Then doubled back for a gelato cone

'Cuz the sign I saw was too good to be true;
Just €5,00 for 4 whole scoops!
But the treasure was real
And I found it all on my own

And I felt blessed to see so much I had never seen before
And I had never felt that there was so much to explore
Through endless crowded hallways behind endless open doors
And I had never been all by myself

I ate, then followed signs to McDonald's
Because I needed to pee,
And there's just one toilet in Venice that doesn't cost money
The only McDonald's in Venice!
God's beacon of mercy for me!

The signs led me through countless streets
To where the crowds thinned out
I relieved myself, then wandered aimlessly
Through alleys of ancient apartments
Where the crowd died completely

And the sound was gone and there wasn't much light
I went down there and put the crowd out of sight
And I found the narrowest alley
I've ever known

And I met myself in that tight winding street
I was lost and alive and frightened and free
And I was all alone,
I was all alone
Track Name: Girls
Whoa, the dawn breaks again over that grand mountain of bullshit
The same way it does every morning
Some days, you get a moment to get ready for the climb
But most days, the sun wakes you without warning

And all the boys gather round at the base of the hillside
And they tell you that the shit don't smell that bad
And they don't seem to listen to a single word you say
It's enough to drive anyone mad

But girls, you keep it up
This world can't get enough
Of the work that you do
I'll climb along
And cheer you on
'Cuz I am
So damn proud of you

Oh, you chip away, chip away,
At the summit with your pick-ax
Trying to break it down as far as you can
Most of the people in your place
Might give up after the first day,
But you're not that kind of man

And oh, the strength that you climb with,
Pulling your loves up with you,
Is not gonna go unnoticed
I want you to take this song,
Put in your back pocket and
Sing it loud when you start feeling hopeless

Girl, you keep it up
This world can't get enough
Of the power you move
I'll climb along
And cheer you on
'Cuz I am
So damn proud of you

They tell you that you don't matter
They tell you that you need to calm down
They tell you to shut up and leave
But black girls, brown girls, trans girls,
And every girl in between
You are stronger than they'll ever be

Girls, you keep it up
This world can't get enough
Of everything that you do
I'll climb along
And cheer you on
'Cuz I am
So damn proud of you
Track Name: King of the World
I've got no problem with you
If you've got no problem with me
If you've got no problem with us
In case you haven't seen,
There's millions of us here
And we're not going away
Talk as much shit as you want,
We won't be leaving today

You've got to scale it back,
And I mean real fucking quick
You're courting genocide
And we won't have it, you prick
But you don't fucking care,
It's just your yes men and you
Up in your private lair,
And you've got it coming for you

The mansion of your dreams!
Respect and money and girls!
And all the power you want!
You are the king of the world!
But you don't know what that means,
And you don't know what to do
How much do we have to pay to fucking stop you?

How much do we have to pay to fucking stop you?
I really can't believe
You actually made it this far
You've reached a whole new level
Of warped reality star
We are afraid of you
We are afraid of your words
And your impending actions,
You impossible turd

I'm not sure what it will take
To protect myself now
But you can fucking believe me
I will make it somehow
And so will everyone else
We won't let you strike us down,
You greasy piece of trash,
You fucking nightmare clown

You are the scum of the earth
On the top of a throne
You loveless parasite,
You rancid bag of bones
But if you've no problem with me,
And you've no problem with us,
Maybe we'll wait and see
If you manage not to turn this country back to dust.
Not to turn this country back to dust
But you're so full of shit,

I highly doubt it.
Track Name: The Ocean
I'm in the dark swimming aimlessly
And I can't see a single thing in front of me
And I can't see
The bottom or the surface

The water embraces me
My life is all consumed by banality
But I could swear
That I used to live with a purpose

But I forgot what it was
And I hope that I find it again,
Because sometimes I
Remember dreams of flying,

Though I can't say why,
And nothing is about to begin
And the ocean is so deep,
And the ocean is so wide
Like I've never seen

Life in the ocean ain't so bad,
I've got all the water I'll ever need
I just might make myself at home
And eventually, I'll forget how to breathe

And I'll grow gills and float along
And I will never sing another song, never sing another song
And when I die, I'll die in peace
And I'll sink to the bottom of the sea
Where nothing will remember me,
Nothing will remember me

I'm in the dark swimming aimlessly
And I can't see a single thing in front of me
And I don't know
When the paddling might tire me

I just go where my arms will lead;
I've got all the time left in the world to see
But sometimes, I miss
The things that used to inspire me

I've lost them all
And I hope that I find them again
Because the thought of ceasing to swim is horrifying

So I can't let up
And I hope that it won't do me in
And the ocean is so deep
And the ocean is so wide
Like I've never seen
Track Name: Fight Song
I bet you're feeling hopeless, but you've got to know you're not alone
This world has gone to shit and none of us can take it on our own
But even if you don't have ones you love or those who love you,
Just hold your power close and know we're out here thinking of you

Your power's real and it is resting firm and deep inside you
There's no one else can claim it, even if they terrify you
There is no president or despot big enough to hold you down
And they'll have hordes to answer to, oh, when the saints come marching out

(~ ~ POWER RIFF ~ ~)

I know it's hard to believe anything could drag you from this hell
When hate and desperation's all around and no one's doing well
But you have got to know that you have strength and you have value
You're more than hopelessness, yes, so much more than I could tell you

Your soul is great and full of multitudes of love and passion
You have more beauty to behold than anyone can fathom
Stay safe and strong, my love, and know this world is right where you belong
And anyone who tells you otherwise has hordes to prove them wrong

(~ ~ POWER RIFF ~ ~)
(~ * ~ * SUPER POWER RIFF * ~ * ~)

I know how hard it is to even breathe when things are like this,
But you have got to know that you are strong enough to fight this
There is no force on earth that can be great enough to break you
And we are brave enough to make sure that they never take you

The hordes will come for you and they will greet you with wide open arms
They'll come to shelter you and use their love to keep you safe and warm
And with that love, they can smash anything they set their sight on
Those fascist fucks won't even see it coming, keep your fight on.